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5 Reasons Why CrossFit Is An Utterly Stupid Way To Get In Shape

Are you on the fence about CrossFit? Here are 5 reasons you might want to read about before trying out a class.

These 5 Exercises Are All You Need To Burn Fat & Build Muscle (Seriously!)

I recently went to a website that prides itself on having one of the biggest exercise databases in the world. Apparently, they boast over 1600 different exercises from which you can choose. Sixteen-hundred! To put that into perspective, get this: the human body consists of 206 bones and 640 different skeletal muscles. So at some point you have to ask yourself, […]

Build More Muscle By Combining Free Weights With Machines

Below is a quick recap for all you SnapChat addicts that are like, “I don’t have time to read, just gimme the goods!” Fine… just be a dear, and share the article! Most machines are about as useful as a wet toaster Do your compound lifts first (squat/bench/deadlift/cleans etc.) Use barbells, then dumbbells, followed by machines The hierarchy: UH (unstable + […]

Why Your Deadlift Sucks, And What To Do About It

They say the first step in solving any problem that you may have, is admitting that you actually have one. So I applaud you for being here; you know you have a shitty pull and have chosen to do something about it. Even more bonus points if you’re a guy, because this is not an easy thing to admit. In today’s […]

Case Study: How Matt Gained 30lbs Of Muscle In 16 Weeks!

Matt started off as a young punk kid that liked to flip off walls and leap over random objects. I believe the official term for that is parkour. In fact, he still loves partaking in such insanity but earlier this year his focus shifted on something more meaningful – getting strong and jacked. Matt works at the same gymnastics gym as I do […]

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