How To Train On Days You Don’t Feel Like Going To The Gym (PreWorkout Show Ep 01)

Welcome to the very first episode of the PreWorkout Show. While I consider myself an author, I’ve always been intrigued by the power of audio. I mean, here’s what the creative process for an article looks like: think, type, edit, get frustrated, delete, think, type again, drink, edit, tinker, tweak… publish.

Not exactly what you’d call smooth sailing. In fact, writing can be a real pain in the ass sometimes (if you don’t believe me, ask any professional writer).

But when it comes to audio, I found the process much simpler; think, speak, edit and publish. Well, at least for me anyways.

Now you might be wondering…

“What’s This Show All About?”

Well I’m sure you know what pre-workouts are: a cocktail of stimulants taken before hitting the gym to help boost mental focus and performance.

In a similar fashion, I created this show to help give you the drive you need as you head off to your next workout. Think of it as the ultimate pep-talk.

Now don’t get me wrong… I love pre-workout supplements (and if you feel like stacking them with this show, then feel free). However, after years of use, I started to notice two things that disturbed me:

  1. My caffeine tolerance had become ridiculous (2 cups of coffee had no effect on me)
  2. I had become completely reliant on supplements in order to have a good workout

In fact, it got to a point where if I ran out of my favorite pre-workout supplement, my time in the gym would most likely be unproductive.

And to be honest, I hated having to rely on some type of crutch. So I decided it was time to find a better way. I went complete cold-turkey from all pre-workout supplements for about 6 months.

In that time, I used proper nutrition, meditation and plenty of other techniques to get me absolutely amped before heading off to the gym.

I’ve basically developed rituals to handle anything life can throw at me. This means kick-ass workouts are pretty much guaranteed.

I’m also a certified gymnastics coach, which means I’ve done quite a bit of research on how to help athletes smash through their mental blocks and confidence barriers (trust me, if I can help someone get back on the trampoline after they experienced a face plant, then I can help you achieve a new squat PR).

And that’s just scratching the surface! The tips and techniques I have planned to share with you will truly blow you away. My goal is to make sure that every episode will be something you’ll want to listen to on your way to the gym.

I hope you enjoy it. And please do me a favor and leave your feedback in the comment section below!

About This Episode

Everyone has days where they don’t feel like working out. Here’s how to trick your brain so that going to the gym and kicking ass becomes second nature! Trust me, you’ll want to save the mp3 file of this episode on your phone so that you can tune in when you need that kick in the ass the most.

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About The Author

Coach Sahil is the founder of HTS, a National Deadlift record setter and author of a multitude of books. Click Here to learn more about him.

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