Whether It’s Hitting New PR’s At A Powerlifting Meet, Becoming The Biggest Linebacker On The Football Field, Or Smashing Through Your Opponent At Your Next MMA Match, The Strength Training Blueprint Will Get You Bigger & Stronger In Record Time!


From the desk of Coach Sahil M
2012 National Deadlift Record Setter
Powerlifting & Gymnastics Coach
Author, Flawless Fitness 2
Nutrition Consultant To Elite Athletes

Dear Seeker of Strength,

The famous coach Mark Rippetoe once said, “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”

And this statement was right on the money.

It’s why top athletes from every sport you can possibly imagine (yes, even golf) work with dedicated strength and conditioning coaches.

I’m not saying skill or technique isn’t important. But skill alone is not enough if you want to be the best. Regardless of what any “guru” might tell you, improving your absolute strength can amplify every other physical attribute.

Being strong makes you faster, helps reduce the rate of injuries, makes you mentally tough, boosts your natural hormone levels, and even improves bone density to a point where they become harder than steel (nope, I’m not kidding).

But hiring a dedicated strength coach isn’t cheap – I should know, because I’ve been helping people become the strongest version of themselves for a while now, and one-on-one attention takes up a lot of my time. And time as they say, is money.

Until recently, if you didn’t have enough cash to hire a strength coach, then you were shit out of luck. You either had to find a coach willing to take you on as an apprentice, or figure it out for yourself. So to address this need, I created the Strength Training Blueprint.

Look, I’ve coached record-breaking powerlifters, wrestlers, and competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes, so I know exactly the kind of attention an individual needs to excel at their chosen sport. This is why the Strength Training Blueprint isn’t some cut-and-paste program that everyone else uses.

It’s a fully customized, hand-crafted strength training plan that I design for you, and you alone.

Here’s How It Works:

First, I do a quick assessment of your current strength levels and check to see if there are any holes in your technique. If you’re a powerlifter, all you have to do is send me videos or your current PR’s.

Next, we come up with specific goals that you will be able to hit at the end of the training cycle. You don’t have to be a powerlifter to aim for a 400 pound squat – anyone that can push that kind of weight around will excel at almost anything they do.

Then I take a look at 11 personalized factors such as your age, weight, height, gender, allergies, injures etc., and come up with a rough outline of how long it will take you to accomplish your goals.

Once the outline is done and it looks sound, I go to work to create a complete training plan from start to finish, that will make you monster strong.

And don’t worry, it will have everything listed in meticulous detail and is tailored only to you. All you have to do is follow it, and keep me updated on your progress.

Here’s Everything You Get:

Customized Strength Training Plan ($79 Value)

Is a commercial gym the only thing you have access to? Or maybe you need to make do with your barbell and plates from home? Or, maybe you’re privileged and have access to the fanciest powerlifting gym and want to maximize your opportunity. No worries. It doesn’t matter what type of situation you’re in, because your Blueprint will not only be tailored based on your free time, but the type of equipment you have available. Trust me, you don’t need fancy machines to get super strong.


Customized Meal Plans ($69 Value)

Forget expensive, exotic ingredients that you can only get Whole Foods. This isn’t a hipster’s wet dream, this is the real world where you have expenses. Don’t get me wrong, I love Whole Foods but I seriously hope you’re not down to spend $5 on a can of Tuna. We’ll stick to real, everyday foods that you can get from any grocery store, and combine them to make easy meals. I will also throw in foods you love such as ice cream, chocolate, wings etc. No, that wasn’t a typo!


Customized Supplementation Protocol ($47 Value)

By supplements, I don’t mean garbage fat loss pills or illegal steroids that you need a connection to the mafia to get your hands on. I recommend only scientifically backed vitamins, stimulants and other ingredients you can easily find at any pharmacy or supplement store. When combined with the killer meal plan you’re about to get, it’ll be like adding rocket fuel to a fire! You’ll have more energy in the gym, recover faster after workouts and have strength like you wouldn’t believe. Plus, all doses are customized to your bodyweight and individual tolerances.


Strategies For Making Weight ($59 Value)

If you ever want to compete in powerlifting, wrestling or mma, then there are weight divisions you must make. This usually means dropping anywhere from 10-20 lbs to make your closest weight division – but what good is dieting down if you’re only going to get weaker? I’ll give you the secret strategies that’ve helped my athletes and I consistently make weight every-single-time. You’ll learn how to manipulate your water and carb intake to drop 5-10 lbs per week without killing your strength.


A Bonus That Will Rock-Your-World

60 Days Unlimited Consultation ($297 Value)

As you’ll remember, the primary reason people don’t have dedicated strength and conditioning coaches is that it’s too expensive. But besides providing top-quality training, I also provide exceptional support because I know people always have questions. Other coaches know this as well, which is why they bill like lawyers. I on the other hand, don’t practice such nonsense. This means you pay only once, and have a full 60 days of unlimited, unrestricted access to me VIA Email, Skype or BBM. If you’re training for a competition, then you’ll need someone who’s there with you every step of the way. This bonus alone could be sold as a consultation service, but I decided to include it in the Blueprint for a limited time only.


Total Value: $551

But if you act today, you won’t pay anything close to $551

Let’s say you approach an average strength coach (who’s probably never attained a National Record nor has trained other record holders)  to help you with your goals. The average cost is roughly $200 per week of training, which would cost a grand total of $1600 for a full 8 week program. And remember, this is a bare minimum.

So I think it’s fair to say that the Strength Training Blueprint (which lasts 8-12 weeks) is an absolute steal, even at $551.

But for a limited time, you can have me custom-design your strength training plan for only $197.

This works out to only $20 per week of training!

That’s a total savings of $1403!

Don’t settle for average coaches who will stick you with cookie-cutter plans and outdated training methods. Most of the athletes and individuals I train end up with a spot on the podium, and they always make weight. When you choose my services, you’re putting your success in my hands, and I take that very seriously. So go ahead, order your Strength Training Blueprint today – I promise you will not be disappointed.



You’re Backed By A Guarantee So Unbelieveable You Have To Read It To Believe It…

30_dayI’m sure you’ve heard of money-back guarantees before – they’re a dime a dozen.

But what you don’t know, is that they’re only available on products, not time-based coaching services such as this one. And the reason is simple – while you can get your cash back, coaches cannot get back the time they spent on your plan.

That’s the industry standard, anyway.

I on the other hand, value results and couldn’t care less about such low industry standards. So my promise to you is this: if you don’t see improvements in your strength levels during the first 30 days, you’ll get a complete 100% refund.

But It Gets Even Better…

After the refund I’ll continue to help guide your training (if you choose). That’s right, I’ll work with you until you’re completely happy with the goals we’ve set out for you.

How can I offer this when most so called “GooRoos” can’t even afford to give your money back? Two simple reasons:

  • Reason 1: Experience. After helping hundreds of people from all over the world push around massive weights, and crush their competitions, I’m ultra-confident that I can dramatically increase your performance. Simply put, I know I can get you results, which is why I’m not worried about my clients asking for refunds.
  • Reason 2: I have a leave no (wo)man behind attitude. I want you to be my extremely strong and good looking billboard. Instead of buying a full page ad on the next issue of Muscle & Fatness magazine, I’ve found it more effective to get someone in ridiculously good shape, then have them tell their friends about me.

Most of my clients come from referrals – this means your success equals the life of my business, and that means everything to me.


“That’s one helluva guarantee, coach. Is there a catch?”

Yup – you actually have to implement the plan and put in the work! If you waste time, make excuses, skip workouts, cheat on your meals, lie about your commitment or any other shenanigans, then the deal is off.

However, if you’re reading this then I assume you’re serious about becoming as strong as possible . Tire kickers and time wasters wouldn’t have made it this far anyways. So don’t worry, I got your back.

Be Warned – Only A Limited Number Of Spots Are Available

I wasn’t kidding when I said that I hand-craft each Strength Training Blueprint . This means I can only fulfill 17 orders a month – and once these spots are gone, you will be put on a waiting list. If you like waiting then by all means take your time, but if your can currently see the order button above, grab your spot and let’s gets started!

Expert Praise

See what other fitness experts are saying about Coach Sahil M.

"Sahil takes the best research in the field, breaks it down and formulates his own brand of magic. His methods are quick, efficient and so easy to follow that you deserve to be called an idiot if they don't work for you"
Kris R.
Kris R.
Sports Rehab Specialist
"Sahil is the kind of guy that will always tell you what you need, even if it's not always what you want to hear... Instead of hand-holding, sometimes you just need someone who'll never let you give up!"
Dr. Bojan Kostevski
Dr. Bojan Kostevski
MD, PT, Lift-Heavy.com
"Sahil has about as many reps with real world clients as he does with lifting. He'll get you in the best shape of your life while actually having fun in the process"
Dick Talens
Dick Talens
Co-Founder, Fitocracy.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I’m new to strength training and don’t know how much I can squat or deadlift or any of that. Is this a problem?”

Not at all! In fact, I love working with those that are new to strength training because it allows me to set a proper foundation for success. The most challenging clients are actually the ones that have been training for years with incorrect technique and haphazard lifting methods. Changing a person’s bad habit is much more difficult than training someone with a clean slate.

Q: “Do I need access to a gym?”

No, but you do need access to free weights such as dumbbells and barbells at the minimum. The Strength Training Blueprint is based on intelligent training methods that will require you to work your way up to maximum loads, and you just can’t do that properly with bodyweight or machines. You have to do work against gravity – there is no way around it.

Q: “Are there any hidden charges or sneaky upgrades I have to buy once I order the Blueprint?”

Absolutely not. The Strength Training Blueprint is the main course – not the appetizer I’m going to tempt you with. However, if you’d like a new plan few months or a year from now, then you will of course have to place a new order. As an example, a few powerlifting clients usually order from me bi-yearly since all they need is a plan, and their job is to execute it. This keeps their cost of training low and their results are nothing but spectacular.

Q: “If I need to make changes to the plan, are you available for revisions or updates?”

Absolutely – you will have 30 days from the time the Blueprint is delivered to apply for any revisions or updates. There are no limits to the amount of updates you require, I will tweak and adjust the plan till it’s perfectly set up to help you achieve your goals. However, do note that a revision doesn’t mean “make my workout easier.” If you’re looking for the easy way out, this is not the service for you.

Q: “I participate in a sport where athletes don’t generally do any strength training, but I’m curious to know if this would be right for me?”

While the bulk of my clients consist of Powerlifters, mixed martial artists and football players, I’ve worked with almost every kind of client you can imagine. Needless to say, if your sport requires any type of physical exertion then you will greatly benefit from a properly designed strength training program.


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