Everything that has to do with what you should put in your mouth

No Time To Workout? Try This Routine (takes only 1 hour per week)

No time for the gym, but still want to get in great shape? No problem! Try this proven plan that only needs a commitment of 1 hour per week. No more excuses!

Why Sugar-Free Sports Drinks Are A Waste Of Money & What To Drink Instead (Hint: It’s Not Water)

Sugar free sports drinks seem like the perfection option – all the re-hydration and electrolytes without the excess calories! But they aren’t. Here’s why…

New Study Pits Redbull Against Coffee To See Which Is Better At Boosting Performance

Caffeine is proven to enhance performance, burn fat and increase mental focus. But which source is best: RedBull or Coffee? Well here’s what the latest research shows…

The Secret To Making Delicious Protein Shakes (Works With Any Brand)

If your protein shake tastes like a goat’s rear end, it’s not the fault of the powder or brand – it’s how you’re making it. Try this simple 3 step method that I use to make delicious shakes every time. It never fails!

5 Symptoms Of A Body That Desperately Needs Better Nutrition

From brittle nails to a red tongue, these 5 symptoms could mean there’s something VERY WRONG going on inside the body. We show you how to fix it!

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